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Precision Medicine: State of affairs, strategic insight, trends, and predictions for 2020 all revealed in Diaceutics’ 2019 Pharma Precision Medicine Readiness Report

The diagnostic testing ecosystem is broken, hindering the progress of Precision Medicine in 2019, according to Diaceutics’ just published Pharma Precision Medicine Readiness Report. In this latest annual assessment of the state of Precision Medicine, Diaceutics calls on the Precision Medicine community to rethink the relationship between testing and treatment, and end the “siloed thinking that is denying patients access to the right tests and better treatments.”

Some snippets from the Pharma Precision

Medicine Readiness Report 2019

In this Report you’ll gain insights into:

The perpetuation of monopolization (and reducing competition) within the diagnostic supply chain,
The increasing fragmentation of relations between the Pharma and Laboratory industries,
Pharma’s suboptimal investment in biomarker/therapy combinations ultimately required for better testing to drive Precision Medicine adoption and better patient outcomes, and
The four core hurdles to optimal precision testing facing Pharma commercial teams today 

Diaceutics’ solution to this broken diagnostic testing ecosystem in the form of global harmonization of clinical lab tests,
Megatrends characterizing Precision Medicine in 2019, and 
Predictions regarding the drivers and disruptors that will shape Precision Medicine in the next 3 to 5 years.

The challenges and strategic mistakes that continue to impair the onward march of Precision Medicine, including: